BoogyBaby is a company found in 2010 specialized in diaper bags and accessories for mommies and daddies. Realizing that most parents are working most of the day, and spending weekends on the shopping mall, we are trying to create product that is useful and simple, yet sweet to the eye.

As our company name represent, BoogyBaby, Boogey means to get going quickly. Yes, we know your problem and we are offering solution for your "GOING" needs. We are offering high quality product that is handy, practical and off course in style.

We perfectly knew that mommies today do such a very challenging job. They are not just raising kids, but most of them are going to work and do the groceries too! Wow.. Isn't it something amazing? Well, we don't want to look so bad aren't we? So, we exclusively designed and printed the fashionable print and look not just for mommies, but daddies too. Our materials are completely waterproof. Anything wet won't leak into your babies' need and food. It's practical isn't it?

Are you ready Boogey-ing with us?